Loft Conversions

We have been carrying out loft/attic conversions for the past 25 years.

With the cost of living going through the roof people, are having to look carefully at what they spend and find different ways to make the best of what they’ve got.

That’s why the smart ones are turning to BHI Building Services to help them unlock the potential of a hidden asset which is sitting right above their heads.

By converting your loft you can gain loads of extra living space at a fraction of what it would cost to move to a bigger property and you could even be increasing the value of your home at the same time.

Loft Conversions at BHI Loft Conversions at BHI Loft Conversions at BHI

Types of loft conversion

There are four different types of loft conversions, there is the basic straightforward Velux conversion (which you do not need planning permission for), flat roof Dormer window conversion (which you also do not need planning permission for), pitched roof dormer conversion and a gable wall build-up. Or of course, you could decide on a combination of all four.

We can even fit into your Velux conversion the cabrio balcony system which is top-hung and opens outwards, whilst the bottom section unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railings.

Then there is the Velux roof terrace: a top-hung upper element and side-hung lower element combine to produce a doorway to the outside terrace.

We can convert all types of loft/attic: old traditional properties, new timber framed properties and new truss roof properties.

Design and planning

For all types of loft/attic conversion you need architectural drawings which we can undertake, structural calculations which we can also undertake and Building Regulations Approval which we will apply for you. All this can be kept under one roof so that you are only dealing with one company and person.

You do not normally need Planning Permission for a basic Velux Loft conversion unless you live in a listed building or conservation area, how ever you do always need building regulations.

Our work is finished to a standard ready for preparation/decoration for you to put your finishing colours and touches.

Ninety percent of our loft conversion we manage to fit a shower room in, which is a big added bonus for that growing family.

Balcony Stair Cases at BHILoft Conversions

All our loft conversions we complete with a standard specification:

All walls and ceilings are finished with a smooth skim coat of plaster, flooring behind the eves for storage, access hatches/doors for the eves area, Velux roof window over the new stairs, four double power points in each new bedroom, five fire ratted halogen down light and radiators in each new bedroom. We supply and fit the shower room plus tiling. Stairs are made in pine with turned spindles and turned newel post and all the skirting boards are 6”/150mm moulded pine along with 3”/75mm architrave in moulded pine and four or six panel fire doors.


You always need stairs for your new loft conversion there are may types of stairs straight flights, single wind stairs case and double wind stairs case.

Stairs are a specialised product that can not be brought of the shelf, that is why all of our stair cases are bespoke and made to the highest standard.

All of our stairs are made from pine and we will always try to match the existing stairs as far as possible.

You do not always have to lose a existing bedroom when converting your loft/attic, as we can normally fit the new stairs over the existing stairs. Let’s be honest, what’s the point of spending all that money to gain a bedroom while losing another one?

Make a cost-effective decision

The cost to move from a typical 3 bedroom property with an average value of £225,000 would be estate agent fees (1%) = £2,250, legal fees of £1000, Hips report £300, plus removal expenses £1000, which would total £4,550, however the principals remain the same whatever the size or cost of the home.

Buying your new 4 bedroom home worth £275,000 would cost stamp duty at 3% = £8.250 plus legal fees of £1000, this totals £9,250.

So the total cost for moving to a bigger home would be £13,800 plus the actual difference in cost of the new home, in this case £50,000. Therefore the total cost of moving will be somewhere in the region of £63,800 and a loft/attic conversion would only cost between £28.000 to £36.00 on a typical 3 bedroom property.

Expand your living space and increase the value of you home, call on 023 92 375 100

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