Bathrooms and Shower Rooms

Bathroom/shower rooms all come in many different shapes and sizes that is why BHI Building Services can help you from the initial consultation process to the completed installation of our bathroom or shower room.

Bathroom Installation at BHI Bathrooms at BHI Building Services Bathroom Installation

All your en-suite, wash, wet, and restroom requirements are in safe hands when you choose BHI Building Services team of dedicated consultants and builders.

Bathrooms/shower rooms should reflect the needs and tastes of their owners. Before beginning the process, it is vital that we understand your requirements, in order to match you with the right products. The first stage to achieving the perfect end result is to listen to your ideas, and work with you to deliver bespoke, practical and cost-effective solution to your bathroom aspirations.

We can format the estimate in a manner that suits you, offering a separate quote for installation, tiling, building and electrical work, and are happy to supply any information by post or email as required.

You’ll see the bathroom of your dreams take shape in front of your very eyes! We will undertake all aspects of bathroom, wet-room, en-suite and cloakroom installations and conversions.
Building or renovating a bathroom/shower room involves coordinating a variety of skill sets and a multitude of components. We’ll manage all of these elements both on and off-site, ensuring that deliveries, processes, and jobs take place promptly and in the correct order.

Working to a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or quality! Similarly, a smaller bathroom/shower room can have just as much style and impact as a bigger area. Whatever your restrictions, our experts can make your resources go further.

Bathrooms at BHI Building Services Bathrooms at BHI Building Services Shower Fittings at BHI Building Services

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    - Full loft conversions for all properties
    - Ground floor, single story and double story extensions
    - New bathrooms & shower rooms
    - Windows & doors
    - Double glazing
    - Conservatories & orangeries
    - Roofing work
    - Gas central heating systems

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